Here is a little teaser of what is coming up and something I have been working on this past year, more info below:


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Video Game Credits:

-Voltron VR Chronicles (PSVR,HTC Vive, OcculusRift)
-The Monkey King VR (PSVR)
-Planes Fire and Rescue (Disney WiiU/3DS)
-Planetside 2/ Everquest 2 Player Studio items (PC/ MMO)
-Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (Activision/Luxoflux)
-Six Flags Fun Park (Ubisoft/7 studios)
-Fantastic Four 2 (Activision/ 7 studios)
-The Sopranos (THQ / 7 studios)
-The Pirates of the Caribbean (Bethesda/Ubisoft/ 7 studios)
-True Crime New York City (Acitivision/ Luxoflux)
-Swamp People (A&E/Galaxy Pest Control)
-Run Monkey Run (ios/Galaxy Pest Control)
-Monster High 13 Wishes (Mattel WiiU/3DS)

Multimedia Credits:

-Dinner Party (Sundance Film Festival VR Interactive 2018)
-NBA VR app (Google Cardboard)
-Teresa Tang VR (Chinese Market)
-Boeing's V22 Osprey Interactive (iOS)
-Sanofi Interactive  (Kinect)
-Exxon Mobil (iOS)
-Trane (iOS)
-Intel World 6 Panel Multi-touch Interactive (Davey Award Winner 2013)

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