Eleven Eleven VR/ AR (nominated VR exp of the year 2019 )

I got to work on this project from the beginning during my time with Digital Domain with a full 30 + team and we finished it off at Iconic Engine, where only 2 Artists remained (Eric Hardin and I) This was a labor of love and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears were poured into this VR/AR Project. It was originally built for the Vive/ Oculus and then optimized for PSVR and AR Kit for the iOS.

This project has taken me to Cupertino, Ca for Apple's WWDC 2018, where I got to meet some talented, diverse teams from all parts of the world and then back to Playa Vista, Ca to work with Ryan Magid's (D2) VR team, back down to Santa Ana, CA (DDi) which then turned into the two man team of Eric Hardin (Tech Art) and yours truly (At Iconic Engine.)

Below are the works I personally did on the "Bunker" (Int/Ext Page 2 and 3) and then the "World of Eleven Eleven" (page 1, this was a team effort), where I got to touch almost every crevice and aspect from 3d environments, FX, geo clean up, AR prep and props.

If you want to see more videos click on this link 
Convenience Store VR Project (2018)

I was in charge of this convenience store project for a simulator. I had so much fun with this one. I added some of my humor in the posters (Don't worry they are PR approved. I made sure of it!) This was a VR project. Anyhow below are the screenshots! Enjoy!

edited: I should have put Maya and Max, since it was a 60/40 split. I finished the level off in Maya (60%) since I can only use Maya at the Play Vista Office in DD and did several props in Max (at the St. Ana office.)
Photogrammetry Rock WIP

Well I decided to do some Photogrammetry Rock over the weekend, This rock is just a WIP for the time being, I am trying to get this in-game. So far I got the scan data down from its initial 40+ mill point cloud mesh data of a mess! (I am not sure that is even a thing.) Anyhow I just want to sit and relax for this nice September weekend. Here are some videos and images will be below.

Voltron: VR Chronicles (2017)
This was the most recent project I had just shipped! Being a fan of the original cartoon in the 80's, it made it that more special as an adult to be able to work on the Netflix show. I loved every moment I had with the team at Digital Domain Interactive. I can safely say, I was the main environment artist working throughout the project. I worked on Zarkon's Throne room, Voltron's command center, Noth Ice Planet, Desert Planet and Desert Crater (rework.) I also worked on 2 other cut environments that didn't fit the script rewrite. I will however put them up here. :)

If you want to see more videos of it click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRdD1TW4y18px8PdAc_qJdcKmNqF2YVWB

Unreal Scene New Orleans Hotel

Just a random New Orleans Hotel made in 3dsmax. Compiled and assembled for Unreal. Have secondary uvs for a proper baked lightmap. I could have made it cleaner and more efficient but with other priorities and engagements I had to make some tough decisions as far as deadlines. Let's just say I was extremely really busy that week. Anyhow it turned out well I thought. I hope you guys enjoy it as well.
Dinner Party (2018)

My contribution to an upcoming film! I finished this and textured it in 5 days. Model was provided by the client as it had an extremely quick turnaround. If you want to know more about this awesome project, check it out at: https://www.engadget.com/2017/11/08/dinner-party-engadget-experience-/


The best thing about working on Dinner Party was the knowledge and Experience I gained working on Photogrammetry work, Lidar, and the blunt force trauma of retopologizing and maintaining an atlas texture page in 8k glory. Here are some screenshots of WIP as I went through cleaning up, combining, baking, and finally optimizations for rendering time. 

I had to retopo this Lidar environment.

This is an example of a combined texture atlas of one of the four walls. All textures were in 8k, yes the Lidar atlas bakes are messy, and no it was not fun, just look at all those tris. 
The Gunner VR (2016)

Here is another VR I got to work on. This time it was for Two Bit Circus and in collaboration with Digital Domain. It was a blast working on this as I got to create the whole experience (aka environment) Anyhow it was a simulator and VR experience!

You can check it out here on Digital Domain VR reel: http://www.digitaldomain.com/work/the-gunner/ 
and the build for the actual simulator: http://twobitcircus.com/portfolio/turret/
Also it was cool that Will.i.am from Black Eyed Peas got to try it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHb6CRf7g2E
Inhance Digital (Various Projects and Award Winner 2013)

Well this was my first foray out of game development and more towards multimedia type of work. I got to spend a lot of time on V-ray work, several military projects and best of all we won a 2013 Davey's Award for one of the projects in which I was a key contributing part. (Intel Project.) It was this huge installation of six panel led touchscreen. It was a blast working with the talented team at Inhance Digital. Pictures below! 


Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

I was paired up with the ultra-talented Jason Priest (Who later on became an art director.) So I got to learn a lot from the guy. My credit is on the first tutorial levels, with a couple in Shanghai and the final level, Cairo. I mostly worked on several props and set-dressing the level (world build), created some nice compositional shots ( The Art Director enjoyed my work and had me help out on the multi-player team.)

My duties also far exceeded that of the world building, most times we had to do some major rework. The levels given, were not in a shippable state. (It was outsourced to an Australian company.)

For one instance, Mr. Priest divided up the work, I was in charge of the new layout for the US West map train section, roads, and sewer for the single player campaign (Tutorial level, Los Angeles) So I had to work with the design parameters but re-texture, re-model a couple of things. The existing art was not at all pretty, as the textures didn't tile properly as well as mip/map. Below are some of my beauty shots, along with Mr. Priests'. (Funny I had to ask him for some, as I had to quickly get back to 7 Studios at the time. He can also vouch for my work and ethic.)

I am most proud of the train tracks, I made so many iterations of it, that I finally was satisfied with the end product. That last one is my masterpiece for that game, as I compiled that scene, reworked that Train Station to no ends, and I captured that shot myself. It really helps to have some of Micheal Bay's reference photos from the movie as well as color pallets.

Planes:Fire & Rescue (2015)

I got to work on this fun little gem. I truly enjoyed watching this game right after the game was shipped. We got to see the raw footage of Planes Fire & Rescue before it came out in theaters. It was a blast to watch it at Disney Studios and it was a blast working on it! I got to do all of the levels in an old school type Jungle Strike top-down perspective angle. I was tasked of laying down the entire level. I worked on 4 levels in a span of 6 months. I mostly had to have a base or rough level in a somewhat clean enough format for the designers and the art director, Eric Hardin. It was my pleasure working with the 3 man team of Eric, Garret, and I on the art side. We got the job done! The 4th level, the main hangar, was dropped on me the last minute and I am PROUD of getting that done in under 2 weeks, as it became my favorite piece in the entire game. Below are just some of the stuff I truly enjoyed.
DJ Hero II (2009)

Briefly after Luxoflux, I quickly went back to 7 studios. Where they were right in the middle of working on a DJ game. Anyhow that game engine was fun to work on as I didn't have to worry about Collision or some physics on my art. Also the shaders and materials are amazing! The crowd is a billboard camera-facing plane that had a front and back! (normals with an alpha cutout that was an animated sprite!)

I worked on the small DJ Equipment, speakers, and several props scattered throughout the venues. Our Art Director at the time, Barclay Chantel, told me once in a meeting...Great looking speakers. (And that was it, they just left me alone to keep pumping them out.) That's the best I guess, is when you are left alone to do your best work. Sadly all I have are the screenshots. To this day I want those speaker assets. Maybe I should just make new ones?

Kings and Heroes (2011)

For the fantasy scene. I didn't work on all the props (But a huge chunk of it is mine.) I made the kitchen furnace, cabinet sets, pots, pans, stone sink, table. If you want to see more of the props I made, check out the props section, I was a contract artist for a small amount of time: http://dapped.com/Props_W9DF.php
Sci Fi Art
Just some sci-fi stuff I was working on for this year. I totally forgot where or why.
Random Environment 

We had some down time at work, so I decided to challenge myself and do some realistic 3d work for a change of pace (Keep in mind I was busy doing 2d art for Game Machine Studios. So anyhow there you go!
Nintendo 3ds Demo Environment (2014)

This is my favorite environment that came out and worked on the 3ds. This scene had been updated and to see this low poly environment run on the 3ds was sweet. Too bad it will never make it to the light of day. 22k tris total and was running on the 3ds. Man it was cool to see this much detail going on in the 3ds. Maybe I can find a vid somewhere. I mean the fans were rotating, Each screen had a cheap animation running, and it had emissives everywhere. Sorry this is all I could recover, this isn't even the final file as the walls were covered with posters, if I remember correctly. This is all I could salvage.
Tim Burton's 9 (2008)

Imagine if you were shrunk to the size of your palm, this Level is exactly that! Anyhow there were some rough challenges in this "platformer" style game. The designers would "block" out the distances of each timed jump and I was the artist that worked directly with the designer Dave Potter. I enjoyed working on the demo level, too bad it never got out. As I think it would have been a cool game. The levels were phenomenal!