Voltron: VR Chronicles' props

Here are some props I worked on which I mostly sculpted and painted in 3dcoat. Then either finished them off in Photoshop or Substance Painter.

Tim Burton's 9 props

Over the years, I have made a ton of props. One of my favorite prop work came from working on Tim Burton's 9 movie based game.Unfortunately  it never made it to full production. Anyhow below are some of my key contributions to the environment team. The challenges we had on this particular demo was scale and how vivid and large it had to be compared to the little sack hero. It was a ton of fun in my opinion and am grateful I was a part of it. Most of these were brought in to Z-brush except the hard surfaced props.

UDK props

Well here are several props I have been working on for UDK.
props made in UDK, complete environment can be found here:

Rock Stuff

Below are some of my favorite things to do, painting and sculpting rocks.
Dominus props

These are just a sliver of numerous props I did on Dominus, I still have to add a couple more. I would say 15% of props are visible. Most I don't even want to showcase, due to the rapid and aggressive scheduling we had. These are the ones I like enough to put on here.
Fun Park props

I truly enjoyed painting a lot. We had gorgeous concepts that were so lively and vivid. I mean it was like being in a candy store. Anyhow I hope you enjoy it, this was for the Wii SKU, I also worked on the DS version of this game. The art style and process was using a light tracer bake then painting over with an extremely saturated color pallet. Most of these textures were really low, we are talking 256s and 128s. Nothing over 512 in the end, if the Art Director saw you with a 512, you better have a good reason for using it on a non-character prop.

Low Poly

Here are some props I made for a mobile game, I contracted out while working full time. I must say it was an awesome experience! I actually learned enjoyed making spec maps for these items. Most of the weapons were under 300-200 tris. I still have the assets, just haven't had time to re-render them.