Stylized Environments/ Props

TCG Project 2015 

The concept behind this game was similar to a very famous game I play on. I didn't want it to look like it at all, but the powers beyond my control kept pushing. Anyhow here you go, all done in Unity and was able to successfully run in an Android phone by the time the project was done. I conceptualized several iterations of this game, then took it from 2d to 3d and finally to game ready assets in Unity.

A lot of work was put into this, as well as some learning curves. Overall I would do it all over again!
Dominus, a Sci-Fi PC MMO (2010-2012):

I had the pleasure of working with a small, young, but extremely talented Art team. In the beginning of the pipeline there was none, we gravitated towards several styles. We gravitated to go with a painterly look as it worked well with the limitations of the Hero Engine, and it's extremely limited lighting support. We developed the pipeline and I could say that I was a key element in implementing several workflows that enabled us to easily iterate LODs with a click of a button. As well as bake vertex lighting with a click. *more info just ask* ( basic maxscript, but it went a LONG way when we were iterating hundreds of organic assets)

Anyway below are the Levels I worked on. I was the team's only texture artist for terrain height maps and billboard plants ( dynamic detail) as well as a 3d environment artist. Keep in mind this game was at least another year or two out in development, so they might not be "prime time." My process for terrains is to work from photo realistic textures as my base, then slowly add layers over until I am satisfied. On the environmental pieces, same thing as usual: Model in max, if necessary Z-Brush, if not then produce my normals via Max's projection mapping. Then unwrap in Max if simple or take it into Headus UV Layout, and finally texture in Photoshop.

The best thing I enjoyed about this project was painting those colorful plants. I just kept painting and painting,It wouldn't take me long to finish one. I literally have so much dynamic detail work, it's not even funny. I would paint in one day 15 versions, and only 2-3 would come out to my liking.